Zinc Sheets For Table Top

The journey from a piece of wood to a laminate is one with lots of ups and only ups!
The transformation in the furnishing industry that came around late 1980s saw the introduction of a unique product called the laminates.

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Laminates took to the industry with a vengeance to redefine dcor traditions. Offering a range of varieties in design, colour, texture, and finish, laminates soon proved that they are here to not just stay but rule. But we must also remember that change is the only constant. To keep the growth curve surging laminates industry had to seamlessly innovate. While we saw more colours and textures being added to the kitty, laminates now also started coming in the form of independent furniture entities. Counter tops and table tops were first to hit the market. Counter tops were like a revolution within. No one could have imagined that the mere wood laminate film could reincarnate itself into a counter top and become the most essential part of furniture around homes and stores. Previously, metal, iron or zinc sheets for table top is quite popular. The industry was shocked at first and then enchanted by the rebirth of wood laminate into sturdy and trendy counter tops and table tops.

There was not a place under the sky where wood laminates and counter tops were not being used. Be it the kitchen, the bathrooms, the living and dining rooms, stores and offices to even multi-storey malls, laminates had touched every vertical and every corner and unleashed a finesse of quality and comfort. Its more than a decade now since the introduction of laminates but innovation has reach saturation yet.

The next big thing that the laminates industry is working on is digitally embossed laminate Counter tops designs. Already popular in some parts of the world, digitally embossed laminates have the custom-made advantage. You can create your own design or even get your family pictures imprinted on the wood laminate film with a choice of texture and colour. Certainly a very enterprising thought and with time its popularity is sure to rise. This was just a curtain raiser on how laminates have revolutionized dcor traditions. There a lot more to come! ;

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