White Electric Fireplace Media Console

It is easy find the numerous types, sizes, styles, and colors of tile to be a tad bit overwhelming. Though it may be hard to make a decision, these endless options will enable you to create a one of a kind masterpiece. With all of the different tile materials and styles to choose from, it is easy to match and accentuate any decor

white electric fireplace media console
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Among the most popular tiles for electric fireplace surround walls and for the hearth are ceramic, marble, slate, granite, porcelain, Mexican tiles, concrete and antique tile styles. Each of these types of tile offer several colors and patterns to choose from. Choosing a color, size, and texture that will blend seamlessly with the room that a electric fireplace media console is located in is the best way to ensure a timeless look.

Things to keep in mind before buying tile for the fireplace

Tile can be intended for use on walls or on floors. Floor tiles should have a PEI rating of at least four or five to ensure that they will be strong enough to withstand the abuse a fireplace hearth will be subjected to. Wall tiles are generally not as heavy as floor tiles; however, floor tiles can be used on fireplace surround walls. Since all types of tile are capable of holding up to extremely high temperatures, they are perfect for use around fireplaces.

An Additional Safety Measure

Being flameproof makes tile one of the best options for materials to use in new or remodeling fireplace projects. The risks of an accidental fire are always present when operating a fireplace, installing tile helps to seriously reduce that risk. The strength and durability of tile combined with it being flame retardant and affordable makes tile hard to compete with.

Unique Tile Increase the Beauty and Value of a Home

Certain types of tile are unique and enable homeowners to create amazing focal points while increasing the value of their homes. Tiles such as granite and marble tile offer natural beauty, while antique styles such as Victorian fireplace tiles help add an artistic flair to fireplace projects. The beautiful colors, designs, and patterns of antique tiles make it easy to beautify a home with styles that were once only available to the wealthy.

When it comes to antique designs on fireplace tile UK residents tend to have better selections and availability. Whether wanting a natural or artistically styled fireplace, tiles can make it happen. Taking the time to learn about the different styles and the benefits of them can help make shopping for tile easier, and for the results to be beautiful and satisfying.

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