White and Silver Throw Pillows

Furniture helps sell home. Buyers who see a home without furniture can become confused about the size, flow and scale of each room since there is nothing they can use as a reference point. In one of EnergizedSeller.com’s new 90-second interviews this week, home stager Susan Geurs offers these 10 tips to get furniture ready:

1. Edit every room. Remember, less is more when you want to sell your home.

2. Polish and clean your furniture until it sparkles.

3. Make sure your furniture reflects the true purpose of each room. If you turned a dining room into a home office, convert the room back into a dining room.

4. If you can’t move through a room in a natural flow, the room has too much furniture or the furniture is too large and should be removed. Allow about three feet of space for comfort.

5. Remove or replace outdated furniture. Buyers will perceive outdated furniture as a sign that the home is outdated.

6. Updating furniture needn’t be expensive. Use neutral-colored slipcovers to update worn furniture and add inexpensive throw pillows in silver and white or any color of your choice to create a fresh look.

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7. Repair any broken furniture that is essential to a room. For example, if a mattress is on the floor, get a bed frame to lift the mattress and better showcase the room as a bedroom.

8. If you don’t have enough furniture, you can rent extra pieces at a reasonable monthly rate through a home staging and design company.

9. Pack away collections, curio cabinets and other personal items to neutralize rooms, so buyers can visualize themselves living in the home.

10. Remember, you want to sell your space, not your stuff. Create visual value to make sure your home will be noticed.

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