Which Paint is Good for Home – Interior and Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Colors on your wall not only make them look beautiful but also tell a lot about you. They even have an impact on the mood of the room. Colors, as many people believe are a way of non-verbal communication which reveals things running in the mind. Every color has its own identity and to certain extent philosophy.

Which Paint is Good for Home

While coloring your walls, do look at the color guide we are providing you to see what every color means and how it affects your temperament.

BLUE– Blue is the color of calmness. Looking at blue you will feel relax and satisfying. Therefore the color blue can be best used in your bed room or relaxation room which can be a library or a sitting room. However, you should be careful with the shades of Blue as different shades have different qualities. Dark blue can be completely opposite to a light blue. This color also helps in production so try having blue color at the place where you work. You should also note that blue is not suited in kitchens or dining rooms because experts believe that blue decreases your appetite.

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GREEN– This color is loved by all as it has a refreshing charm. There are no specific rules about where to use green and where not because Green is suited for all rooms. Modern house designs make use of this color for it symbolizes nature, which is calm and fresh. Many people say that green helps in studying. So, you can have green color in your kids bedroom or at their study table.

YELLOW– Yellow has positive as well as negative effects. Yellow creates a sense of happiness and is cheerful but at the same time has the tendency to make people angry and frustrated. It is advised to use yellow neatly and carefully. Experts also suggest that this color should be used in small parts which limits its effect and brings out the best from the color.

RED– The color red has the capacity of creating excitement and increasing the energy. A perfect choice for living room. Red also helps people to come together and start a conversation. Make sure that you avoid this color in rooms where you want to relax and calm down.

PURPLE– Purple is a restful color. It brings rest to your eyes. It is also a symbol of luxury and royalty. Having the color purple makes the thing look royal and creates different feeling in the air. Purple is considered to reduce the negative effects of blue. You can use Purple in your bedrooms or even in living rooms. Having purple color in your home will make sure that there is coziness and soothing effect.

NEUTRAL COLORS– The colors black, grey, white and brown are included in neutral colors. These colors are not used widely but are a part of every palette. They help in creating a balance and increase the value of other colors and are therefore very much an essential part of modern house plans. You must have a little of neutral colors in your house. Black brings depth and therefore a touch of black is used in every room to give it an interesting twist. White symbolizes purity and reflects maximum light. So, white is used on ceilings and at places where there is less light.

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