Sewing Machine Cabinet with Lift Design

Velvet fabric is popular choice for costume making and fashion garments and has a wide range of applications when it comes to textile projects. Velvet fabrics have a luxurious textured finish that is very soft and pleasant to the touch, making garments made from velvet enjoyable to wear. This is combined with a stretchy quality, making this type of fabric ideal for making tight-fitting garments such as leotards, dresses, leggings and tops.

sewing machine cabinet with liftsewing machine cabinet with liftcredit

Within the category of velvet fabrics, you will also find crushed velvet, which has a slightly different texture to the finish and velour, which is even more stretchy as it is enhanced with spandex. Velvet, crushed velvet and velour are available in a wide range of jewel colours, neon colours and even prints, so you will always be able to find a look that you like for your next project. It is normally manufactured from 100{19b92f0a7cc740b5caf648040202745aa760cbb01e580b990ee0becb973b23fe} polyester, but you should check with your retailer to see the exact make up of each fabric.

Thanks to the colourful and stretchy nature of velvet, the material lends itself ideally to dancewear and costume making. Many dressmakers use this material to make outfits for theatre productions, carnivals and dance shows that really stand out and catch the eye, yet are practical enough for moving around in. The most common garments to be made from velvet are leotards and leggings, and recently velvet has seen a resurgence on the high street in the form of velvet bodycon dresses coming into fashion. Velvet curtains are also popular during the winter months to keep hot air locked into a room.

You can use velvet with your sewing machine to quickly and easily construct a garment. If you do not have a sewing machine, then start investing to buy a new or used sewing machine together with the cabinet with lift or table. It will be a good investment since you will make more money with your sewing machine. It is not the easiest fabric to work with, as the finish can be a little shiny, so it is worth planning your project carefully before you start sewing. You can also of course hand-sew velvet fabrics, although it will not be suitable for embroidery or fine stitch work.

You can buy velvet for an affordable price when you shop online and compare the price per metre. Many retailers will offer great value prices for velvet by the metre and many will also offer special offers on discontinued fabrics or older print styles. Shopping online will give you a great range of choice when it comes to velvet fabrics, as they will stock a larger range than a high street store. This means that you can pick up the richest colours and most interesting prints for a great value price.

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