L Shaped Couch with Chaise

When living in a small space such as a condo unit, it is really easy to develop clutter, which actually makes the space look even smaller than it is. For example, just a simple stack of magazines on a table near your entrance can actually become part of your actual style of your space until these items are moved. Anything that is taking up unnecessary space becomes an item that eyes will naturally be drawn to.

Be Wary of Your Furnishings

Going furniture shopping is not the same for everyone. Those who reside in large detached homes can really have the advantage of buying any type of couch or armoire without having to worry about its size or its ability to fit in their room. On the other hand, those with small condo units have to be conscious of the size of the furniture they will be using to furnish their space. Bulky furniture will look crammed in a small condo unit, so it’s advisable to stay away from large furniture, and rather focus on useful and practical furniture that will both look great and serve its purpose.

Free Your Windows

Avoid treating your windows with heavy, bulky drapes and blinds. This will not only look off-balance, but it will also block the vital light that you want in your small space. Adding light from all directions has the effect of making the space look bigger, brighter and more inviting.

l shaped couch with chaiseL shaped couch with chaisecredit

Using lighter fabrics for window treatments can darken the room and provide privacy when necessary, but will not overpower the room and block out light when you want it.

Choose Accessories and Decor Wisely

Everyone wants to decorate their space, either with family photos, vases, sculptures and art work. However, it is necessary to choose pieces that go with the flow and decor of the space, and not overpower the place. You want to make sure you have just enough of these artifacts – too many will risk making your space look cluttered. Look for items that will actually make your space look larger. Choose items that are somewhat reflective.

Spaciousness and Flow is the Key

Living in a condo has many advantages – it’s low maintenance, easy to keep clean, and often in close proximity to the city life. However, because of it’s small space, you have to be a bit crafty when decorating and furnishing it. Keep it looking spacious and simple. Keeping a condo space simple, sleek, sophisticated and roomy will make a huge difference in how the space looks and feels. It also makes a difference in the functionality of the area.

Make sure to de-clutter whenever possible. Arrange your furniture in a certain way so as to maximize the flow of the area. You can start with things you already own. Get rid of anything that doesn’t work and makes the place look cluttered, for example L shaped couch with chaise doesn’t suit for small rooms at all. Buy pieces that will fit properly, and won’t prevent you from moving around your condo with difficulty. You want a space that is easy to migrate, comfortable, and elegant looking all at the same time. Smart planning and decorating is the key.

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