Red Throw Pillows for Couch

Venice is a city that lies somewhere between water, land and sky. Canals ribbon past palaces and homes to reveal a sensual place of secret opulence, theatrical modesty and lyrical whispers. The Goddess Venus herself named this place, so romance permeates the air. She is connected to everything associated with the senses and sees beauty everywhere. Enjoy the feelings she will evoke as you create your own ambiance of Romantic Venice style.

Colors to Captivate Your Visual Sense

Romantic Venice Style takes its color scheme from the golden glimmer of sunlight on a canal, the terra cotta of ancient stonework and the marshy, briny waters.

The Romantic Venice color scheme is anchored by its main color, a rich turquoise that leans toward sea green. As the foundation of this color scheme and the suggested wall color, sea green turquoise takes its cue from the waters of Venice.

The next four accent colors; dark turquoise, warm brick red, pale grass green and rich, warm coral, work best for window treatments, rugs, throw pillows, anywhere you want to add a bit of warmth or color focus. So you can add warm brick red throw pillows to your couch.

red throw pillows for couchred throw pillows for couchcredit

The three remaining lighter colors; pale sea foam, pale sea mist and creamy sea bubble, are the neutrals of this color scheme. They can be used as wall colors for smaller spaces or for ceiling and trim color.

Wall Decor to Enchant Your Visual Sense

The set of four art images have been created to enhance your Romantic Venice theme. They will bring the essence of Venice into your home. First, in Narrow Passageway, we see the gondolier at the end of his day on his way home to enjoy some mouthwatering pasta, a glass of Chianti and some time with his family.

Next, we have the quintessential view of a Venice canal. You can almost hear the gentle lapping of the water up against the boats in this art image called Reflective Canal.

In our third view, Pause Before Dinner, we see the quiet time of day, the pause between the end of the workday and dinner. A time to sit, relax and reflect before the excitement of the evening begins.

Our final image, Red Boat, shows us a view from the water where we see a small red boat up ahead, just waiting for us to climb in and start exploring. These watery landscapes use the same foundation colors as the Romantic Venice color scheme, which is why they work so well for this theme.

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