Dining Room Set with China Cabinet

The key to lighting for the dining room is to focus sufficient light on the dining table, without creating glares onto the face of the diners and eliminating shadows and excessive bright light. The dining room is a very special place for many reasons. It is this part of the house where you get together with your family for meals and with your guests on numerous occasions. A well-lit dining room creates the right ambiance for enjoying the delicacies and to continue with the gossip, which goes alongside the food.

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When it comes to designer European lighting, Flos lighting fixtures have some of the most unique and contemporary lighting designs for your dining room, which are highly practical and stylish. Flos lighting have established themselves as a lighting design house focusing on design, manufacture, and distribution of fine lighting of the highest quality and workmanship.

The dining room usually has multiple sub-areas like the dining room set, China cabinet, sideboard, breakfront, common area, and walls. Lighting for the dining room is unique for each of these elements that are a specialty within them. Flos lighting has the finest Italian design themes for your dining room, which includes suspension lamps, chandeliers, pendants, sconces and table lamps. The dining table can be best lighted by a chandelier or suspension light. Table lamps and wall sconces are best suited for sideboards. For breakfront and China cabinet it is best to use a combination of table lamps, cabinet lights and recessed wall lights with a lower wattage bulb. For the rest of room and common area you can use combination of wall sconces, suspension lamps, ceiling lights and table lamps.

dining room set with china cabinetdining room set with china cabinetcredit

A modern dining room is a space for multiple activities. It is not only limited for the purpose of serving food and drinks but also used for casual get-together or a family activity. Hence, lighting for dining room has to be flexible for the varying types of activities. A dimmer option for the lighting fixtures will ensure that you have the right amount of light for all kinds of events.

The approach to contemporary lighting for the dining room is to find the fine balance between illumination and art where the lighting fixture will define the prime focus areas like the dining table. A well-placed chandelier or a suspension light will add to the decor of the whole dining room, enhancing the beauty of dining table, chairs, and other furniture. Flos designer lighting fixtures can convert your dining room into an exclusive room, imitating your character and creates a warm and ambient space, perfectly suitable for entertaining your family and guests and fascinating their taste buds.

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