White Trundle Bed with Storage

A comfortable night’s sleep has a direct effect on your behavior and functioning the next day. The soft and smooth flat bed sheets have a major role to play in the comfort. To top this one wants to get some awesome looking sheets at a reasonable price but demand durability and long life from them. The whole interior of the bedroom revamps itself as soon as the high-quality bright colored cotton flat sheet is spread out on the bed. So let’s get choosy:

Size of the sheets

These bed sheets are available in a range of different sizes. Ask for the King size bed sheets and you can get them in a jiffy. The sheets are found in standard sizes like single flat bed sheets, queen size, twin, Full or double, X-long twin, and California king. Just measure the exact depth of mattress and make sure that there is enough fabric left to slip under all four corners. Just keep it in mind that the cotton flat sheets have a tendency to show the maximum shrinkage so be a little “size careful” when you choose your favorite bed sheet.

Compare with other fabrics

Whenever you buy a bed sheet, rate your expectations lower, in comparison with others. Just as cotton is soft, stain resistant and has a cool feel, we have to keep it in mind that it may shrink also. But there is some special chemically treated cotton that is combed and made satiny so they may be a better option! Cotton has varieties galore and bed sheets available in varieties like combed cotton bed sheets, Egyptian cotton flat sheets, Pima cotton bed sheets, organic bed sheets etc. You have another fabric choice; ask for the cotton polyester and get your durable and wrinkle-free bed sheet. A word of advice is to tabulate common things and then choose the best option. In winters one can choose a warm flannel bed sheet too!

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Check the thread count

The thread count and its weave are largely responsible for the softness and suppleness in a bed sheet. If you peer carefully have you noticed the small criss-cross of vertical and horizontal threads on the sheet? Well, the square inch size decides the thread count. Heavier weave generally is lesser soft and feels stiff, so the choice is yours! If you don’t feel like going into details just touch the fabric in hands and crumple the bed sheet from one side to check for softness.

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Color choice

Generally dyeing of the bed sheet is done after it is woven, so in general a slight stiffness in the sheets remains. It’s the sheets that are prepared with dyed threads that are more expensive but the softness they impart is a luxury to behold. Just pick a sheet that matches your interior and blends with it or go overboard with bright splashes of color on your bed sheet, to startle the onlooker- the decision is yours. If you like white, than go ahead to make your white trundle bed with storage. There is no limitation for that.
Finally check the washing instructions to see if the care of the sheet is possible at home. It’s not a very comfortable thing to lug your sheet over to the dry cleaners every few days!

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