What Kind of Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is not just for preparing meals and storing your foods and groceries. Nowadays, the kitchen has become a place in the house where you spend some quality time with your family taking over your dining table. Like any other space in your home, your kitchen deserves to look well-designed, organized and beautiful. To start your kitchen makeover or decoration, you can start painting the cabinets, which occupy quite a large space in your kitchen. Here are some simple and quick ways to spruce up your cabinets on a budget to give your kitchen an astounding makeover.

Paint Your Cabinets

To spruce up your kitchen space, you don’t necessarily need to change your gloomy cabinets with fresh and bright ones. Giving your cabinets a quick coat of paint is a great alternative to expensive cabinet replacements. Just make sure your cabinet doors are sturdy and safe enough to paint. You can clean them up and brush on a fresh coat of desired bright colors to brighten up the whole space.

How to Choose the Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Adding a dramatic accent that commands utter attention doesn’t take a whole lot of money. You just need to make a creative move to make your design work, like contrasting your cabinets. Create strong contrast between your dark toned wood cabinets and your light marble surfaces in your kitchen. You can also contrast your dark-stained cabinet with light-color cabinetry to add a bit of drama and interest.

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Add Storage

Your kitchen needs to have enough storage so as to keep things properly arranged and organized. Add shelves and boxes above your refrigerator or hang cabinets on walls to utilize every space in your kitchen. Installing pull-out cabinet shelves in base cabinets would also be of great help. Adding shelves will provide easy access to items that are stored in the back inside the cabinets.

Upgrade Hardware

Another easy low-cost and effective way to upgrade your kitchen space is to replace your cabinet hardware with some stylish and modern pieces. Brass door accessories are quite popular these days because of the elegance and functionality they give to your doors and cabinets. Swap out your basic hardware with chic yet functional brass handles and drawer pulls. Adonai Hardware is an online store where you can find such classic, antique hardware, like decorative door knockers, handles, knobs and pulls at reasonable rates.

Install under cabinet Lighting

Proper lighting is whats usually missing in most kitchens. Good lighting not only helps ease all your kitchen tasks but is an invaluable addition to your kitchen that adds a bit of interest and beauty around the space. You can easily retrofit stylish fixtures of under cabinet lighting beneath upper wall cabinets to brighten them up.

Besides, you can always experiment with different interior styles to give your kitchen a smart and desired look. Whether you incorporate a casual, vintage design or wrap the space in modern and elegant vibe, there are interminable options to design your kitchen your way. So, do a lot of research and go with what reflects your style and lifestyle.

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