Replacement Mirror for Medicine Cabinet – New Look for Your Cabinet

I put my house up for sale three years ago, expecting a quick sale. The kitchen had been completely renovated, with brand new custom cabinetry I made and installed myself, and it was the most beautiful feature of my home. I had a number of people come through during the open houses, but no offers. After four months without selling, I became concerned that there was something I was missing; some part of the house that was much less appealing than I thought. My father, a woodworker all of his life, knew exactly what the problem was. You didn’t replace the Vanity Cabinets, did you?” he asked me when I complained about my lack of success over Thanksgiving dinner.

replacement mirror glass for medicine cabinetreplacement mirror glass for medicine cabinetcredit

It hadn’t occurred to me to change them out; the existing bathroom cabinets were serviceable, so I thought they could stay. But when I went back to the house and took a more critical look at it, I saw the problem. My beautiful kitchen made the bathroom look especially ugly. I decided to fix the problem right away.

I converted a left-over kitchen cabinet I had lying around in the shop into a bath cabinet and installed it late Saturday night, then repainted the works. There was another open house on the following Sunday, but once again there were no offers from the prospective buyers. I put a call into dad for help, and he took a look at it. It’s a kitchen cabinet,” he said when he walked into the bathroom. What’s the difference? A cabinet’s a cabinet” I answered, and that made him laugh.

He pulled out his portfolio and showed me a wide selection of bath cabinets, pointing out how very different they were from kitchen cabinets. I was short on time, so I bought a high quality, Shaker-style vanity, replacement mirror for my old medicine cabinet, and bathroom cabinets from a manufacturer called Fairmont, which we installed. The house sold the very next week, which proves how important updating your bathroom is.

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