Classy Small Wall Cabinet with Doors

Curio cabinets are decorative pieces of furniture used to store your collectibles and other valuables. Items that are commonly placed curio cabinets includes china, dolls, trophies and awards, silverware, memorabilia, and a wide array of other collectibles. Most curio cabinets are distinctively tall in height, constructed of fine solid wood veneers, and a glass door. However, there are smaller curio cabinets called Miniature curio cabinets or Console tables.

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Although some memories are made up only of thought and image recollections, many memories have some physical item that accompanies them. As precious as the memories, these collectibles are things you dont want to lose or forget. If anything, these are items that you dont want to put in the back of your closet, but instead, put on display.

Types of Curio Cabinets

Wall Curios

Wall Curios are fairly standard curio cabinets that are to be placed against almost any wall. Wall Curios often have a typical design, having a rectangular shape, glass doors, and tall stature. However, there are some available in a cylinder shape as well. These types of curio cabinets can be placed almost anywhere you like; you do not necessarily need to place them in corners.

There are also small wall cabinet with doors that can be mounted on walls. Aside from being smaller in size, these differ from standard wall curios in that they are not placed directly on the ground, as they are mountable.

Corner Curio Cabinets

Corner Curio Cabinets are very similar to standard curio cabinets. However their shape tends to be slightly different. Most tend to have a more wedged-shape, with the back point of the wedge meant to fit into tight corners. Standard rectangular curio cabinets are also often placed in corners as well.

Miniature Curios and Console Tables

Miniature Curios are exactly what they sound like. They are basically standard curio cabinets, however much shorter in height. Most do not go any higher than your waist.

Console Tables are small tables that take on the feature of having a glass door for storing your valuables.

Hanging Curios

Hanging curio cabinets are smaller curio cabinets that are either mountable or able to be hung.

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