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To have a truly beautiful home, both the interior and the exterior need to match and let some of your personality show. However, this is much more difficult than it sounds, especially if you do not want to hire an interior or exterior decorator to handle everything. Some people prefer not to, because it will not be their personality showing after the decoration is done, but the personality of the decorator. People who prefer to handle the decorations themselves have a lot of work on their hands. Each room must be decorated with its own furniture, rugs, paint, and other elements to complete the picture. This is much more difficult than simply choosing a dining room furniture set or a living room furniture set, purchasing it and then placing it around the room. A lot of thought needs to be put into selecting the right chairs, the right table, paint, rugs and everything else. The right dining chairs for the dining room can make all the difference in the world.

round dining room tables for 10
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Since the dining room is the room where you will be entertaining guests who may come over for dinner, it is one of the most important rooms of the house, and properly decorating it can be a chore, especially without any help from an interior decorator. However, by following a few guidelines you will discover that you can do a wonderful job of decorating it yourself.

The most important thing that needs to be remembered is the fact that furniture should always be purchased last. Yes, the rest of the decoration needs to be completed before deciding on the furniture. So first decide on a color for the walls, paint them and see what it looks like and then repaint with a different color if you are not happy with the results. You do not have to worry about getting paint on the furniture or on the rugs, because there is nothing else in the room.

After you are satisfied with the colour of the walls you can start looking at different decorations for the walls, and rugs. Depending on the room, a different style must be chosen. You cannot pick the same style and decorations used for your bedroom to decorate the dining room, for example. Look for suitable rugs that go with the color of the walls nicely. You can then look for decorations for the walls, such as painting or rugs, and place some plants around the room, if they suit the rest of it. Only after all of this is complete can you start thinking about the furniture.

As for the rugs, if you used a neutral color on the walls then you can choose colorful rugs, to complete the room. Just do not overdo it with the number of rugs of different colours, as it is better to stick to a maximum of 2 colors for the rugs. If you chose a lively color for the walls then you should be looking at neutral shade for the rugs. These will tone the room down, while still letting some of your personality show.
For the dining room, you can opt for a black and white decoration. This means painting the room white and then choosing nothing but black and white furniture. The contrast between the walls and the furniture will give the room an amazing look, but you will need to pick the furniture carefully, because not everything works. For example, you can pick a white glass dining room table, with some black chairs made out of wood or metal. Metal seems to be the more popular choice because it fits in more with a modern glass table.

If you do not want modern dining room furniture then you can go for a vintage look, as long as the rest of your house matches. Look for vintage round dining room table for 10, vintage chairs and cabinets, vintage silverware and vintage decorations. They may be more expensive than their modern counterparts, especially as some of the materials used can be quite expensive, but the look of the entire room will be worth it in the end. This does not only apply to dining room furniture or living room furniture. You can use the same vintage look throughout the house, and this is what most people do, as having both vintage and modern rooms in the same house can be difficult to pull off.

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