Wrought Iron End Tables with Glass Tops

Garden furniture is an important component of outdoor dcor. The chairs and tables for the patio are carefully chosen to ensure that they easily blend with the natural setting of the yard.

wrought iron end tables with glass topswrought iron end tables with glass topscredit

As the furniture placed outdoors are exposed to weather elements throughout their lifetime, the material used in construction of the outdoor furniture should be strong enough to resist water, strong wind and extreme temperature for years.

Types of garden furniture

Almost every indoor furniture piece can be replicated for outdoor use. The designs of the garden tables, chairs and benches boast of a strong rustic element. In furniture outlets, the important components of garden furnishing are combined to form patio sets. The patio set normally comprises of a table with four to six chairs and a garden parasol to shelter the people from sun and rain.

Materials of garden furniture


Traditionally teak is the preferred material for constructing patio furniture. The natural teak oil oozes to the surface to protect the wood from pests. The natural water resistant coating of the wooden patio furniture forms a natural barrier to rain and accidental spills. Other than teak, pine, oak, eucalyptus and cedar are often used for constructing garden furniture. With appropriate care, your wooden patio set can last for years.


However, wooden garden furniture pieces can be quite expensive. If you are looking for cheaper alternative to solid hardwood outdoor furniture, consider adorning your patio with wicker chairs and table. Traditional wicker furniture pieces are woven with palm stems. They are also sold as cane, bamboo or rattan furniture. Wicker furniture is lightweight and attractive. The neutral shade of wicker garden tables and chairs mingles with the greenery of the garden. To enhance the durability and reduce the cost of wicker outdoor furniture, synthetic resin or plastic is sometimes used for construction. The attractive furniture pieces may last for decades with proper care.


Metal is a popular choice for constructing contemporary furniture. Aluminum and wrought iron furniture pieces can be used for a prolonged period outdoors. A wrought iron end tables with glass tops will look good at your garden. They come with a protective coating that protects them from water, sun, heat and cold for a prolonged period.


The natural water resistant property of plastic makes plastic furniture ideal for outdoor use. They come in a variety of color shades, thereby adding colors to your patio. Moreover, they are cheaper than wooden and metal garden furniture. Depending upon your budget and preferences, you can easily find suitable furniture for your patio is a reputed furniture store.

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