Twin Bed Frame for Girl Ideas

Compared to the living room, the bedroom may be a bit trickier to decorate because this is a private space. It is where you will spend most of the time relaxing by reading a book, listening to music or by meditating. More importantly, it is where you will spend majority of your time sleeping. Therefore, the decorations should not be too much to the point that it will make the room appear more cluttered and/or congested. In addition, accessories and the furnishings in it need to suit the preference of the person occupying it.

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As such, before you even attempt on adding anything in a room, buy a new twin bed frame, or changing the wall colors, make it a point to ask the occupant about what they want, especially for girl’s bedroom. Let them decide on the theme that you would need to work on.

Once you have the theme on hand, you can finally start working on the interior decoration of the bedroom. Here are some more tips to help you out.

1. Pick colors that are appropriate for the theme that the occupant wants to achieve. If he is someone who does a lot of reading in his room, you may want to pick a somewhat bright color that illuminates light. These colors include light yellow, pale blue, mint green or any light pastels.

However, if the occupant sees the room as a sacred place for sleeping, you can choose colors that can effectively induce sleep. These may be the darker shades of blue, green, purple or orange.

2. For the walls, you can bring in metal wall sculpture or wall panels that somehow relates to the interests or hobbies of the person occupying the room. For example, if the occupant is an enthusiast of fishing, you can get a metal wall plaques that depicts a school of fish. On the other hand, if the occupant is someone who is a fan of the contemporary art, you can get pieces that are more on the abstract side.

3. You can also adorn the side tables or headboards with wrought iron lamps. However, if you want to achieve a subtler light, you can also make use of wrought iron candelabras and or wall sconces that can hold your aromatherapy candles. After all a faint light and an enticing smell brought by lit candles are always welcome additions to anyone’s room.

4. If you plan to go further, you can also invest in bigger pieces of wrought iron furniture. What are these? You can start with the primary items like a twin bed frame, side tables, framed mirrors and matching dresser chairs. Another best thing about wrought iron pieces in general is that you can easily find separate items that somehow match or connect to each other.

And when you are done, you can surprise the occupant with the new look of their room. Now that the bedroom make over is accomplished, the next stop will be the kitchen.

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