48 Inch Round Glass Table Top

If the dining room is your favorite room then you surely have an appetite for taste that’s spread not just across the dining table but also in an around the room. Confused? Don’t be. We are talking about how you could now add some taste to your dining room decor.

48 inch round glass table top48 inch round glass table topcredit

So what will be that apt colour combination for your dining space if you’re looking for some depth, detail, and inimitability? We suggest the WW combination, the Walnut and White combination. White is a colour that exudes exuberance with walnut being the colour of profundity. It’s the perfect combination for those who love to experiment.

White, though a high maintenance colour, is the right choice for the curtains, cushions, and the linens of the dining room if you want to make a style statement. Walnut for the walls will mean adding life to the drab and boring structure that is sometimes them, but here’s the twist. Rather than going for shades of walnut paint, go for laminates made in walnut colour and texture. In fact, you can go for Walnut Laminates itself to get the desired results. Walnut Laminate is an exclusive offering from the family of Greenlam textured laminates, in which the laminate wood looks and feels like walnut. Walnut laminates counter tops teamed with a minimal decor and rest of the colour scheme would actually make your countertop look like a centre point for decoration. After all, what else can add life better on the walls than having a product that gives a life-like look and feel!

Now, work on creating that contrast. Imagine a dining room with walnut textured laminate to go with white chairs and dining sheets. Surely a contrast to make a killing! You can further enhance this contrast by adding more walnut on to the table top. Use raw laminates wood (in texture) instead of 48 inch round glass for the dining table top. To work as an icing on the cake, order red cutlery to completely match the contrast and give the finishing touches. Your newly done dining space is ready to make the kill and all you need to do is throw a party. Just a quick tip, don’t forget the wine.

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